At Ardon Lawns & Landscapes in Bowling Green our goal is to help you grow a lawn which will reach its maximum potential through proper lawn fertilization. The first step in this process is a detailed analysis where we will evaluate the following:

    • Grass & Soil types
    • Thatch levels
    • Turf density
    • Shade and sun exposure
    • Insect and Disease problems
    • The presence of grassy and broadleaf weeds

Following our analysis our trained specialists will develop a custom program to help you create a green, virtually weed-free lawn.

Be very aware of the company or contractor which promises you a quick fix in a single application. Healthy lawns require constant treatments and care to produce the best results possible. Our safe and effective customized lawn program typically consists of 5 to 6 lawn fertilization and weed-control applications.

Don’t forget that professional lawn mowing and aeration are two other very important steps in producing the lawn that gets noticed and is the envy of your neighborhood or place of business.