Seeding & Aeration

Soil Compaction will keep your grass from being as healthy as possible, and correcting the soil compaction will allow air, water, and fertilizer easier access to the root zone. Aeration will pull out cores of your soil to help correct soil compaction, stimulate root growth, and allow air and nutrients into the soil.

Core Aeration will also allow for better penetration of water and fertilizer into the soil, and results in better water management.

Aeration should be done once per year, and can be done anytime of the year when there is adequate moisture in the soil.

Products to help your yard thrive won’t be fully realized unless the lawn has the ability to absorb the nutrients. Core aeration reduces the yards thatch layer to promote good root health.

At ARDON of Bowling Green our seeding services range from filling in a thin lawn to complete lawn renovations or installations.

We offer custom solutions to address the needs of the specific project and utilize one or more of the following techniques:

    • Aeration and over seedings to fill the lawn and incorporate new seedlings into an existing stand of turf, providing you with healthier, stronger grass that is more disease and drought tolerant.
    • Slit Seeding is designed to repair damaged or bare areas by mechanically raking the area while the machine incorporates seed into the disturbed soil.
    • Broadcast Seeding is the traditional method of liberally broadcasting seed across lawn areas using a spreader and applying a proprietary chemical to help dramatically increase the rate of seed germination.

Good grass starts with a good seeding program. A great lawn results from professional mowing, fertilization and weed-control or crab grass control. At ARDON Lawns & Landscapes of Bowling Green we help our customers grow great lawns that are noticed and the envy of the neighborhood or business area.

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