Mulch and Grass Painting

Grass Painting in Bowling Green KY

What does Grass Painting do? ARDON Lawns and Landscaping of Bowling Green literally colors the grass with one of our highly concentrated green colors. Our colors are 100% environmentally safe with no toxic chemicals, unlike any other regular paint. Our formula is non-toxic to children or pets and won’t rub off. Our grass painting colors offer a beautiful carefree lawn in any type of weather. Water will not wash it away. It’s safe, natural, and makes any brown, faded lawn beautiful in just a matter of minutes.

We spray lawns green and increase the appeal of any home, golf course, condominium entrances, etc., by giving it a green, plush-looking lawn. Whether you’ve had problems keeping your lawn green because of foot traffic, weather damage or neglect, grass painting will turn any lawn back to a beautiful yard to be proud of, quickly and safely.

Our lawn color is harmless to all cool and warm season grasses and is recommended for use on: golf courses, athletic fields, municipal parks, commercial turf, home lawns and more.

We will paint your grass a lush and beautiful natural green color during the dormant fall and winter months when the grass loses it’s color or during the summer months due to lack of rain, drought or over-fertilization.

**Note: The color/shade can be controlled by the amount of green concentrate.

Mulch Painting:

Mulch Painting is a long lasting spray colorant which restores the bright, original-looking color to faded fibrous mulch products like cedar, cypress, redwood bark, pine straw, rubber mulch and more.

Are you tired of replacing your mulch every year just because the color has faded? Over mulching is not only expensive, it can actually harm your plants and trees over time. But with one quick application, mulch painting helps keep landscapes looking freshly groomed for three months or longer without the hassles and expense of re-mulching. Mulch painting won’t harm plants, is safe for pets and humans, and is 100% environmentally safe. It effectively covers herbicide stains and helps to cover unsightly trash and ┬áresidue too. It’s ideal for anyone who needs an effective, low cost way to keep landscaping mulch looking fresh.

Available in four natural mulch colors:

Bright Brown Dark Brown Gold Red

Bright Brown – reddish brown color for a cedar or pine straw look.
Dark Brown – dark, chocolate brown color for an eastern hardwood look.
Gold- golden color for a cypress look.
Red – redwood color and look.
**Note: The color/shade can be controlled by the amount applied.

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